Market Research for Business

Chatham-Kent Public Libraries (Municipal)
Access business resources at your Public Library.
Resources available for business owners and/or your employees include books on all kinds of business topics, free access to interactive, instructor-led online business courses, access to thousands of legal forms used in business, the latest census information for Chatham-Kent, listings of very helpful websites and Government resources.
Your Public Library is a local, and excellent business resource for you.

Industry Averages/Financial Performance Data Benchmarking Tool (Federal)
Do you want to measure your company’s financial performance against the competition?
This is an on-line interactive tool that can help you determine how you measure up to similar businesses to yours.

Business Improvement Area (BIA) Organizations (in Chatham-Kent) (Municipal)
Network with other business in your area in Chatham-Kent through the local BIA’s                        

Chamber of Commerce Organizations (in Chatham-Kent)
As Canada’s largest and most influential business association, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the primary and vital connection between business and the Federal Government. It continually demonstrates impact on public policy and decision-making to the benefit of businesses, communities and families.

Canada – Research and Business Intelligence (Federal)
Offers industry sector intelligence, financial benchmarks, labour trends, and business statistics.

Retail Council of Canada
This site offers some free data on the Canadian Retail industry

Restaurants Canada (formerly CRFA)
Is a go-to resource for research and insights about Canada’s restaurant industry.
They offer reports and tools to help their members benchmark their business results and stay on top of the latest trends.

The Nielsen Company
“Providing the complete global view of what consumers watch and buy.” A good site to start your research because of the extensive links to Industrial Associations.

Take Your Business Global (Provincial)
Selling your products and services outside of Canada is an excellent way to grow your business. Globalization is opening new international markets and creating new opportunites for small and medium-sized companies.

Statistics Canada (Federal)
This site can help you find information on the environment, household and family expenditures, finances, and the latest indicators in Canadian Provinces and Territories.

Canada – Focus on Geography Series, 2016 Census (Federal)
Focusing on a selected geographic area (and Chatham-Kent (CA) Ontario is included), this product data highlights median income of households, low income, savings, and income of couples information from the 2016 Census.

Ratio Calculators
Ratios are a way to evaluate the performance of your business and identify potential problems. Each ratio informs you about factors such as the earning power, solvency, efficiency, and debt load of your business. They are used to measure the relationship between 2 or more components of the financial statements and have greater meaning when the results are compared to industry standards for businesses of similar size and activity.

Investment and Expansion
If you see opportunities to expand and invest in your business or are looking to markets and investors beyond Canada’s borders, take the time the check out or contact your Chamber of Commerce.