Community Futures celebrated the successful completion of the Tilbury Downtown Revitalization Project. In February of 2015, we relocated from Blenheim, where the Corporation’s offices had been since 1999, to Chatham which is centrally located to our geographic service area. After 26 years of Community Futures administering the Ontario Self Employment Benefit (OSEB) Program on behalf of the Province of Ontario, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) announced the cessation of this program on May 15, 2015. A new three year Strategic Plan was approved by the Board.

Community Futures Celebrated its 25th Anniversary. In recognition of this event, a video was created that highlights the work that Community Futures has done in the community in the past quarter century.

2010 – 2011
The Corporation re-worked and re-launched its CFDCCK Website. The 3-year Tilbury Downtown Revitalization (TDR) project was implemented. CFDCCK supported the launch of the Blenheim & Community Task Force and launched the Greater Blenheim Area Website with over 330 businesses and event calendar. A new Strategic Plan was approved by the Board.

2009 – 2010
The Community Adjustment Fund was implemented, which necessitated the hiring of a full-time Community Economic Development Coordinator. It was a hectic time for Staff as well as Board to review, approve and disburse $450,000 of funding within a span of six months.

2007 – 2009
The Corporation completed the development of the three-year strategic plan, under the guidance and direction of Ms Donna Lunn. The First Impressions Community Exchange Program which was begun in Fiscal Year 2006-2007 was implemented in the spring of 2007. The fiscal period was lengthened to 18 months, with a new year-end of September 30th.

2006 – 2007
The Corporation began the process of developing a 3 Year Strategic Plan, outlining goals and objectives, target dates and performance measures.  Planning continued to match communities in Chatham-Kent with Perth County for the First Impressions Community Exchange Program.

This was the year of the ‘Maiden Voyage’ of The Scoop newsletter. (As of Dec 2010 – direct circulation of this newsletter is to approximately 400 businesses, community organizations and individuals.)

2004– 2005
Small Business Month activities were many and varied, culminating with our second annual Mystery Shopper Awards presentation at our offices.
The official opening of the Business Enterprise Centre, Satellite Office was held.

2003– 2004
A formal Communications Plan was developed, including advertising, brochures and our website. Brochures were delivered, by staff, to various communities throughout Chatham-Kent. 
October, Small Business Month, was very active in advertising and promotion. In partnership with Essex CFDC, we held our first Mystery Shopper Challenge. 
A Letter of Agreement between the Chatham-Kent Business Self Help Office and Community Futures was developed, for the purpose of setting up a satellite office of the Business Self-Help Office at Community Futures offices.

2002– 2003
The Business Incubator Program no longer qualified for funding under HRDC’s Local Labour Market Program. No new manufacturing businesses began under this program.

2001 – 2002
Under direction from Industry Canada and in order to have a Common Identifier for all Community Futures offices, in June of 2001 the Corporation adopted a new logo and changed their name, once again, to Community Futures Development Corporation of Chatham-Kent.

2000 – 2001
 An Export Advisor was hired under a short term contract to assist local small business in developing export opportunities.
 A $50,000 grant was provided to assist with development of the J.W. Burgess Centre for Skills Training in Wallaceburg.
 In June, 2000 the 15,000 square foot Canadian Tire building in Blenheim was purchased and the C/KBCDC was moved to the site.

1998 – 1999
In June, 1998 the C/KBCDC received Industry Canada approval to provide to a maximum of $125,000 per loan client.
In April, 1999 the Entrepreneurial Manufacturing Generator Program was initiated with its first client.

1997 – 1998
The C/KBCDC contracted with the Ontario Skills Development Branch for a Self-Employment Assistance Program Survey.

1995 – 1996
The Federal Government mandated the amalgamation of the C.F.C. and the B.D.C. into one organization. The C.F.C. was dissolved. The Chatham/Kent Small Business Support Corporation once again had its Letters Patent changed. The new name was the Chatham/Kent Business and Community Development Corporation.
During this same period a new sub-committee, Agri-Development Kent (A.D.K.) was instituted to work in the agricultural area.

1994 – 1995
The C.F.C. assisted in the funding of a project to erect signage for the Black Heritage Tour Program.

1993 – 1994
The C.F.C. set up a sub-committee, The Chatham Ethanol Consortium, to assist in the development of a study which eventually resulted in the construction of the Ethanol Plant.

1989 – 1990
The B.D.C. had its Letters Patent changed to the Chatham/Kent Small Business Support Corporation.

1987 – 1988 (Year 2)
Kent County was designated as a Community Futures Program area. The role of the Small Business Support Corporation was included under the auspices of the Community Futures Committee (C.F.C.) and was now called the Business Development Corporation (B.D.C.). In addition, the B.D.C. was now expanded to serve all of Chatham-Kent and to make loans of up to $75,000.
The C.F.C. applied for funding for the Chatham Riverfront Development Project. Over the next three years a total of $4.6 million was provided for the redevelopment along the riverfront between Sixth Street and the Chatham Civic Centre.
The C.F.C. obtained its Letters Patent in June, 1987.

1986 – 1987 (Year 1)
The Chatham Small Business Support Corporation, servicing the City of Chatham and making loans of up to $25,000 was incorporated on April 25, 1986.

1985 – 1986
A standing committee was set up under the L.E.A.D. (Local Employment Assistance and Development) Program. This committee applied for funding for a Business Support Corporation.