For Yourself

Are You Considering Getting into Business for Yourself?
(instead of looking for regular employment?)

  • Contact Community Futures. We are here to help.

To Learn Online

  • ‘To Learn Online’ is an online learning website where students can take courses that are self-paced and 100% online. These courses are completely self-contained: there are no reports to send in, no blogs, no waiting for responses.
  • ‘To Learn Online’ is operated by the CF Ontario (and formerly known as the OACFDC) with development support from FedNor and Industry Canada.
  • ‘To Learn Online’ works in cooperation with professional associations, post secondary institutions and top quality curriculum-providers to acquire course material. All course material is directed towards small and medium business owners, or those concerned with community economic development.

This Employment Ontario project, program or service is funded in part by the Government of Canada.


The Ontario Self-Employment Benefit (OSEB) Program

  • If you are eligible and currently unemployed, this is an opportunity to ‘create a job for yourself’ by starting your own business.
  • This OSEB¬†program is administered in partnership with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and provides Employment Insurance (EI) income as well as Community Futures, one-on-one entrepreneurial¬†counselling, networking and workshops¬†during the start-up year of your business.

Our Community Futures Development Corporation of Chatham-Kent’s website offers a compiled list of Employment Services available to you. You will find this list in our ‘Helpful Links Section’ – under ‘Employment Services’.

Community Futures. We are here to help.