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Community Futures Development Corporation of Chatham-Kent (CFDCCK)
Community Economic Development (CED) Special Project Funding Program

This Community Economic Development (CED) Program is known for “Working With our Community, For our Community”
And you are here !

  • Program is aimed at not-for-profit organizations.
  • Provides partial funding for joint projects that encourage economic opportunity in Chatham-Kent.

Our Community Futures application permits you to use a limited amount of “In Kind” resources to calculate the value of your project.

Learn more about the program and download a PDF version ! SpecialProjectFundingApplicationCRA Compliant2016.
To download a Word version of the document, please click on this link ! Special Project Funding Application 2016 WORD version.

Summer Experience Program (SEP)

Application deadline is March 06, 2018

The SEP provides funding to not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, Indigenous organizations and First Nation communities, to create career-related summer employment opportunities for students.

SEP positions must focus on activities supporting citizenship, voluntarism, seniors, women, tourism, culture, sport and recreation.

Summer student positions should offer training for future careers or work experience in skills transferable to the general workforce.

For more information, and to review the guidelines and terms and conditions, click on this link.

Libro Prosperity Fund

Application deadline is March 15, 2018

Is your organization looking for funding to help grow prosperity in southwestern Ontario?

Libro will invest close to $500,000 in 2018 through the Libro Prosperity Fund, supporting local organizations that are growing prosperity in southwestern Ontario.

The Fund is aimed at not-for-profits, registered charities, co-operatives or community groups that are building prosperity in southwestern Ontario in the areas of Economic Development, Money Smarts, and Youth Leadership.

Is your organization aligned with one of the three focus areas?
Does your initiative meet Libro’s desired outcomes to grow prosperity?

To learn more and apply today, click on this link.

Chatham Kent Community Foundation

Application deadlines are March 31 and September 30

The Board of Directors of the Chatham Kent Community Foundation application guidelines are highlighted as follows:

  • The Foundation supports registered charitable organizations concerned with education, health, arts and culture, recreation, environment and human services and which operate for the benefit of residents of the Chatham-Kent community.
  • Grants may only be paid out to organizations having a charitable number. Organizations seeking funds must demonstrate a strong governance structure, fiscal responsibility and management capability.
  • Preference is given to projects that:
    1. Encourage more efficient use of community resources
    2. Are aimed at developing, testing and implementing new approaches and solutions to community problems
    3. Are developed collaboratively with other organizations or groups to promote co-ordination, co-operation and the elimination of duplicated services
    4. Promote volunteer participation and citizen engagement
    5. Increase organizational and community capacity building.

For more information, please click on this link.

2018 Rural Ontario Summit (Provincial)

To learn about the initiatives available, please click on this link.

Hydro One Sponsorships

Hydro One is proud to support community-based events throughout Ontario. It’s their way of connecting with their customers and communities. If you’re organizing an event, they’d like to hear from you.

They support events that attract a broad audience in the communities they service and endeavour to build community spirit and bring the community together.

Hydro One sponsorship guidelines note preference is given to those events that are:

  • Organized and executed by not-for-profit community groups and municipalities
  • Provide an opportunity for Hydro One employees to volunteer
  • Are held in Hydro One communities.

For more information, click on this link.

Telus Community Grants

There is no application deadline.

Telus gives where they live, to improve the lives of youth and their communities through the power of technology.

How it works:

Telus Community Action Teams serve areas outside the Telus major centers that have Community Boards, contributing thousands of dollars to hundreds of Canadian registered charities.
Telus Community Action Teams will consider requests for funding up to $ 5,000.00.

A few things you should know:

  • Charities must registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a Canadian registered charity or qualified donee to apply for funding;
  • Operating and capital costs directly associated with program delivery are eligible for support, including salaries or space dedicated to a program. Ineligible operating costs are those which support the charity as a whole including utilities and overhead salaries;
  • Community foundations are eligible for funding only if a specific program managed by the foundation fits within existing funding guidelines. Support for a capital campaign or general donation is outside of funding guidelines and therefore ineligible;
  • Charities can apply once a year in each city and Telus only considers single-year requests;
  • Charities can apply for a second consecutive year of funding if: the evaluation report received by Telus, shows exemplary results of how previous funding was used, there is a new component to the program that will enhance or expand its scope and the charity agrees to seek other funding to make the program sustainable, or the request is to support an entirely different program than what was funded previously;
  • Funding for capital investments must directly support youth and involve technology and/or social innovation.

Organizations and programs that would be considered ineligible for a Community Action Team donation:

  • Religious or sectarian organizations (except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services), advocacy and special interest groups;
  • In-kind donations such as local or long-distance telephone services, or requests for reduced rated on telecommunication rates or services;
  • Retroactive requests or events and activities that take place outside of Canada;
  • Funding for individuals or competitive sports teams, goodwill advertising, travel expenses, field trips, tours, ticket purchases, funding to attend conferences or seminars, workshops, or beauty pageants.

For more information, please click on this link.


Suncor supports non-profit activities and events through sponsorships and non-charitable donations: financial assistance, in-kind contributions, product donations and event sponsorships.

Suncor accepts only online applications for funding.

To help communities achieve greater sustainability, Suncor Energy Foundation (SEF) prefers to partner with organizations who align with the following funding priorites:

  • Strengthen communities of interest by cultivating community leaders
  • Support building skills and knowledge for the current and future workforce
  • Foster the ability to think creatively through inspiring innovation
  • Build employee and volunteer capability by engaging citizens in community activities
  • Actively engage employees and communities in collaborating for our energy future.
  • Are in communities where Suncor lives and works.

Registered charitable organizations, or community or non-profit organizations that are not registered charitable organizations, may be eligible for funding if they fall within the Suncor Energy Foundation (SEF) funding priorities.

For more information, click on this link.

The Keg (Steakhouse) Spirit Foundation

There is no deadline.

The Keg Spirit Foundation will consider funding for both new and established projects based on the following criteria:

  • The organization must hold, in good standing, a current charity registration number.
  • The project must relate to children or youth in some way.
  • The program should contain a mentoring component.

Each year, The Keg Spirit Foundation will make grants to successful applicants. Grants are typically in the range of $2,000 to $5,000. The application process consists of two-stages: an initial Letter of Interest, which if invited, is followed by a full proposal.

The initial Letter of Interest must be limited to one page and should include:

  • A description of the organization and indication of competence in the area of this proposal.
  • An outline of the project including: a) Who it will benefit b) Design of the project c) Outcomes expected.
  • A brief (2 or 3 lines) overview of your budget, income sources, and expenses for this project.

Letters of Interest may be submitted throughout the calendar year and are reviewed on an ongoing basis. If an organization is chosen for further consideration, they will be invited to submit a full proposal that will consist of a more detailed application. Please note that funding decisions are traditionally made in the first quarter of the year based on the prior year’s proposals.

The Keg Spirit Foundation does not award grants to:

  1. Individuals
  2. Projects outside of our market areas
  3. Reduction of deficits
  4. Religious or political causes
  5. Sponsorships
  6. Conferences
  7. Memberships

All applications are to be sent to The Keg Spirit Foundation at the address below. Please note that they request complete written information, as they will evaluate all proposals based on the information provided. Respectfully, they request that correspondence be via mail or fax.

The Keg Spirit Foundation – Review Committee
Keg Restaurants Ltd.
10100 Shellbridge Way
Richmond, B.C. V6X 2W7
Fax: (403) 670-8839

For more information, click on this link.

Birks Family Foundation

The Foundation makes grants only to registered charities in Canada. It does not give money to individuals.

The Foundation continues to uphold long-held family traditions by principally funding:

  • Organizations either primarily focused on Quebec, or those whose work is broadly national in nature;
  • Public sector organizations, including universities, hospitals, libraries and museums;
  • Projects that demonstrate unique innovation in their field and/or pioneer state-of-the-art technology;
  • Long range projects designed to become self-sustaining; and>
  • Organizations that actively engage directly with their target group through programs and/or services.

Applying should be made by e-mail outlining the following:

  • Name and mission of your organization;
  • Registered Canadian charity number;
  • Brief description of your project and its expected outcomes; and
  • Budget for your project, with anticipated expenses and sources of funds.

The Foundation reviews every application and may require additional information. Due to the volume of requests, submissions should be made at least 6 months in advance of the need for funds. Form letters, multiple solicitations, and proposals sent by facsimile are not accepted.

For more information, click on this link.